A stated deliverable for the ARROW Project is the availability of its repositories for national and international metadata harvesting and search services.

The National Library of Australia has developed a national resource discovery service which harvests metadata from ARROW repositories. The Discovery Service has been developed using the TeraText software to establish a metadata repository describing Australian research outputs. The metadata repository will also be used as a source of metadata for other service providers.

Statistical information about the selection of material of interest during searching, and the combination of records from different Australian universities is significant for individual universities, the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee, and DEST.

If all Australian universities allow their metadata records to be harvested, the ARROW discovery service will become a record of the intellectual research output of a nation. Therefore the growth of the institutional repositories, and consequently the national metadata repository, is a critical success factor for this service.

The ARROW Discovery Service uses the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) to regularly gather metadata from institutional repositories.

Dublin Core for each ARROW record is harvested, and aggregated into the Discovery Service. NLA Guidelines gives full information on what must be present in each record. For details on how you set up your repository for harvest, contact the National Discovery Service, ua.vog.aln|worra#ua.vog.aln|worra. Further information available at http://search.arrow.edu.au/site/assets/staticDocuments/about.php.

E-JAP is now available via the following services:

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)



PKP Open Archives Harvester

A bug in OJS 2.0.1 is currently preventing NLA from harvesting E-JAP via the National Discovery Service (http://search.arrow.edu.au).

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