Files and resources for the ARROW Community
What has gone where?

This document outlines the plan for the digital and paper resources of the ARROW Project.

Some of these resources are on independent open platforms now, such as the Google lists. Other resources, however, have been hosted by Monash University.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the ARROW community has continued access to the resources it needs, and has platforms for effective communications into the future.

What we had

1. ARROW Website
2. ARROW Central staff computers
3. Paper files
4. ARROW Wiki
5. ARROW Blog
6. ARROW-repository Google Group
7. Vitalcustomers Google Group
8. Rubric Toolkit
9. The ARROW email address

Where things have gone

  • All private archival material has been identified and moved.
  • The ARROW website has been re-designed to provide public information about the history of the ARROW Project and provides links to active associated digital resources.
  • Presentations and documents authored by ARROW staff and presented in public that were on the ARROW website have been added to the Monash University repository. They all have the subject term ARROW Project.
  • The ARROW Wiki is closed for editing but will remain where it is as an archive until end of 2013
  • An open source wiki has been established for the Vital community, providing a starting structure and 2008 material copied from the Monash ARROWiki. It is, and users are encouraged to join and contribute. VTLS has used this same platform to offer information to VITAL customers worldwide, and this is linked. MACAR has also created and encourages communications there about metadata. The new repository support office, CAIRSS, will take over the management of the VITALusers wiki. Additional private wikis may be established for each institution to serve as a space for storing their own system documentation, with links to the open wiki as required.
  • The ARROW-repository Google group remains as is but will be renamed to VITALusers to be in line with the new wiki. CAIRSS will provide management of this site.
  • The VITALcustomers Google group ws renamed to VITALcustomersArchive, and will remain where it is. All users were moved to the ARROW-repository group some time ago.
  • The ARROW Blog has been deleted
  • A link to the Rubric toolkit has been added to
  • The Arrow email address has been redirected to Monash help desk
  • The username and password was established as an experiment to see whether it was useful to provide a collection of links to relevant sites. There are 472 tagged links, including a number of links to JISC projects thought useful for the ARROW community. The username is DESTARROW, and the password for management is ARROW. The Community may add to this if they wish.
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