Editing Tool

Partner responsible: University of New South Wales
Delivery of tool with documentation and Final Project Review Report - End of October 2008

Project goals

To develop a web-based tool to enable authorised depositors and authors to edit metadata of ingested records. The tool would also provide the ability to replace and add digital objects to existing records in the repository.

Project description

There is a need for authors and depositors of repository content to be able to effect changes to metadata of existing records, for example, correcting typing errors and adding keywords, and to add files, including complex digital objects to records. Current versions of VITAL (3.1, 3.1.1, 3.2) software do not enable editing of metadata or digital objects, by depositors, following ingestion. Minor changes require communication between depositors and repository staff. Depositors need to email changes to repository managers to implement using the VITAL Management interface.

The project will build on a previous UNSW ARROW project, “Sharing: understanding faculty access needs”, due for completion in June 2008, to define a schema for authorisation to edit repository records. Additional considerations include definition of fields for editing and requirements for a new licence or for review of changes by repository staff.

Editing will be enabled through a simple web interface, potentially building on the VALET self-submission tool, with authentication and access control against LDAP and ensuring it is Shibboleth-ready. The tool will interact with Fedora 2, rather than using the VITAL layer.

The tool will be developed to work with Fedora 3 if this comes out of beta release and is used by VITAL during the life of the project. The tool will ensure that more than one person cannot change a record at the same time or that changes are synchronised. It will incorporate an audit trail of previous versions. Repository staff workflow will be identifiable but integrated with workflows for new deposits to the repository.

Note: an author editing tool is not on the VTLS list of planned enhancements to be included in VITAL 4.0, which covers support for access management, authority control, consortium environments, Author pages, separate statistics for robots, and highlighting search terms in search results.

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