Arrow Repository Managers Group

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The ARROW Repository Managers Group comprises one representative from each ARROW partner or member. The primary focus is the sharing of experiences with the VITAL software and the issues of running a repository. The group may make recommendations and comments on the software to the Development Group (ADG) or on the software or other aspects of the ARROW Project to the Management Committee (AMC), as appropriate.

Meetings will be face to face when possible, and by teleconference otherwise.

Repositories are being integrated into other university systems, such as the research management tools and the human resources tool. Here is a table where ARROW members may record their systems and any comments about how they are being used with their repositories. Members are asked to keep this table up-to-date so that other members can share their experience with using the same hardware and software.


ARROW Community Facilitator Angela Lang ua.ude.hsanom.bil|gnal.alegna#liamE
ARROW Central Katie Blake ua.moc.tensutpo|ekalbeitak#liamE
Ballarat University Carmel Grant ua.ude.tarallab|tnarg.c#liamE
Central Queensland University Elke Dawson ua.ude.uqc|noswad.e#liamE
Latrobe University Michael Wood ua.ude.ebortal|doow.m#liamE
Macquarie University Fiona Burton ua.ude.qm.yrarbil|notrub.anoif#liamE
Monash University Andrew Harrison ua.ude.hsanom.bil|nosirrah.werdna#liamE
Murdoch University Del Shiers ua.ude.hcodrum|sreihS.D#liamE
Queensland University of Technology Paula Callan ua.ude.tuq|nallac.p#liamE
Swinburne University of Technology Helen Wolff ua.ude.niws|fflowneleh#liamE
University of the Sunshine Coast Kate Watson ua.ude.csu|nostawk#liamE
University of Newcastle Vicki Picasso ua.ude.eltsacwen|ossaciP.ikciV#liamE
University of New England Simon McMillan ua.ude.enu|nallimcm.nomis#liamE
University of New South Wales Tom Ruthven ua.ude.wsnu|nevhtur.t#liamE
University of South Australia Jenny Quilliam ua.ude.asinu|mailliuQ.refinneJ#liamE
University of Western Sydney Robyn Benjamin ua.ude.swu|nimajneB.R#liamE
USQ Caroline Drury ua.ude.qsu|cyrurd#liamE

2009 Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

Date Chair Minute Taker
16th March 2009 University of Newcastle University of the Sunshine Coast
April 2009 ? ?
May 2009 ? ?
June 2009 ? ?
July 2009 ? ?
August 2009 ? ?
September 2009 ? ?
October 2009 ? ?
November 2009 ? ?
December2009 ? ?

2008 Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

Date Chair Minute Taker
6 February 2008 ARROW Central University of Newcastle
3 March 2008 ARROW Central Central Queensland University
7 April 2008 ARROW Central Ballarat University
12 May 2008 ARROW Central Latrobe University
2 June 2008 ARROW Central Macquarie University
7 July 2008 ARROW Central Murdoch University
4 August 2008 ARROW Central Queensland University of Technology
1 September 2008 ARROW Central University of New England
6 October 2008 Cancelled due to ARROW Community Day ARROW Central University of South Australia
3 November 2008 ARROW Central Swinburne University of Technology
8 December 2008 ARROW Central University of New England
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