ARMG 8 December 2008

ARROW Repository Managers Group Meeting - Teleconference

Monday 8 December 2008


Teleconference starts at:
VIC & NSW -12pm
QLD - 11am
SA - 11:30am
WA - 10am
Blacksburg, VA - 8pm

  1. Welcome. (Chair: ARROW Central, Minute Taker: UNE)
  2. Apologies
  3. Previous minutes:
  4. ACTION items from previous minutes
  5. ARROW Project Managers Report (David Groenewegen)
    1. Data Fountains report
  6. VTLS (Australia Office) update (Ding Heng Zhong)
  7. MACAR Report (Katie Blake)
  8. Customer Service Report (An opportunity for partners to verbally report to ARROW Central and the community on their experiences, 'good, bad and otherwise', with VTLS' Customer Support)
  9. Issues arising from Implementation Table
  10. Other business.
    • ERA pilot testing (All)
    • Exiting repositories documentation (ARROW Central)
    • ARMG meeting 2009 (Angela Lang
  11. Last meeting

WEBEX demonstration by VTLS Heather Myers. (Duration approx. 15 minutes)


  1. Welcome. (Chair: ARROW Central, Minute Taker: UNE)
    • Attending: ARROW Central, Murdoch, UNE, Macquarie, USC, Monash, VTLS Blacksburg, VTLS Australia, Latrobe, UCQ, USQ, UniSA, Newcastle, Ballarat, Swinburne.
  2. Apologies: QUT, UNSW
  3. Previous minutes
    • No matters arising
  4. ACTION items from previous minutes
    • None
  5. ARROW Project Manager's Report (David Groenewegen)
    • CAIRSS update - Steering Committee has discussed proposals and has put questions back to potential providers. Decision on successful applicants Monday 15/12/08.
    • ERA - Understanding that Vital meets ERA requirements. Caroline Drury (USQ) said yes, but some issues being sent to Prashant Pandey. The instructions work, but … Vicki Picasso (UoN) said that UoN's ERA implementation had problems with managing (adding, changing and deleting) datastreams. Prashant said that there had not been exhaustive testing. Vicki underook to send details to him.
    • Licencing fees for 2009+ - VTLS had sent a letter to former RUBRIC partners indicating that there would be a fee applied for Fedora support, which had omitted previously. The original ARROW partners had been charged a custom maintenance fee on top of the normal fee. This would now be dropped, and all partners would be charged using the same formula.
    • Data Fountains - David Groenewegen reported that Joan Gray had been looking at how metadata could be generated from PDFs and other files. There was some potential for using the software to extract keywords, but Valet integration could be difficult. The application would be useful for behind the scenes operations. The report would be notified to the ARROW Google Group.
  6. VTLS (Australia Office)
    • The VTLS Australian office has been established in Melbourne, and contact details would be sent in a forthcoming communication. Hengzhong Ding is managing the office, and Prashant Pandey has been appointed to manage Vital product support. David said that technical issues should be sent to Prashant in the first instance. Anything referred to the VTLS hotline will be redirected to Prashant. Fiona Burton (Macquarie) sought clarification of the VTLS Account Management Support offered in the recent letter to RUBRIC partners by Robert Goetz. Heather Meyers explained the nature of the service and said that she would speak to Robert re the provision of more information. Elke Dawson (UCQ) informed the meeting that UCQ would not be providing Australian Virtua support from 1 January 2009, and asked what arrangements were in place for this. Ding and Heather will enquire of VTLS Inc.
    • Vicki Picasso asked about the release dates for Vital versions 3.4 and 4.0. Heather Meyers said that ARROW was still testing 3.4, and 4.0 was in regression testing with a likely "testing" release available on 18/12/08. Micahel Wood asked about the timing of the various releases. Heather said that releases 3.4 and 4.0 were distinct and would stand alone. 3.x users should anticipate migrating to 4.0.1 in due course, not 4.0. In response to an enquiry from Vicki, no-one indicated that they would be proceeding to Vital 4.x pre-ERA. Fiona (Swinburne) asked about the ARROW Vital performance testing. David indicated that a special version of 3.x, which included the latest version of Fedora, was being tested, and that an outcome was expected by the end of 2008. Heather said that VTLS is constantly testing version 3.4. In response to a question from Fiona (Macquarie), Heather said that authentication and the RQF plug-in had been tested in 3.4.
  7. MACAR
    • Katie Blake reported on recent MACAR meetings and the work of MACAR on matching resource type with ERA reporting requirements. Resource types are about metadata collection and access, wheras ERA's needs focus on reporting. See the MACAR wiki for more information.
  8. Customer Service Report
    • Fiona (Swinburne) expressed concern about the stability of version 3.3. Prashant has been in touch about this and will continue to do so.
    • Fiona( Macquarie) has problems with the Content Manager mangling MARCXML records. Latrobe reported similar problems. Heather undertook to follow this up.
  9. Issues arising from the Implementation Table
    • Has not been moved to the new wiki.
  10. Other business
    • ERA pilot testing - Vicki asked if anyone had tested Vital authentication as part of the SEER pilot. No-one appears to have.
    • Exiting repositories documentation - David had discussed this further with USQ and it appeared that no simple template could be developed for this.
    • ARMG meeting 2009 - David said that he had asked Vicki Picasso to convene a future meeting of the Group, possibly under a different guise from ARMG, and that CAIRSS should be in a position to provide infrastructure support for this.
    • ASHER 2009 - No-one had heard anything about the details of allocations for 2009 under ASHER.
  11. Meeting closed at 3:15pm
  12. The meeting was followed by a WEBEX demonstration of the VTLS wiki by Heather Meyers.
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