Armg 6 February 2008

ARROW Repository Managers Group Meeting - held Crowne Plaza Melbourne, Spencer Street. (Bridge Room 3)

Wednesday 06/02/2008


Teleconference starts 12.30pm prompt. See guide for accessing meeting.

  1. Welcome. (Chair: ARROW Central, Minute Taker: University of Newcastle)
  2. Apologies:
  3. Previous minutes:
  4. Action items from previous minutes
    • Action: HERDC meeting (AL)
    • Action: Wiki privacy (DG)
    • Action: Load testing (DG)
  5. Reports from sites about plans for 2008 (All members)
  6. The work of MACAR (Katie Blake)
  7. Research Master / ARROW interface update (Fiona Burton)
  8. VITAL upgrades - plans, can you jump versions? (Fiona Burton)
  9. ARROW Project Managers Report (David G.)
  10. Customer Service Report (An opportunity for partners to verbally report to ARROW Central and the community on their experiences, 'good, bad and otherwise', with VTLS' Customer Support)
    • Reporting of problems with Customer Service
  11. Issues arising from Implementation Table
  12. Other business.
  13. Next Meeting: Date: 03/03/2008 (Chair: ARROW Central. Minute taker: CQU)


  1. Welcome (Chair: Angela Lang)
  2. Apologies: USQ, QUT
  3. Previous Minutes.
    • Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.
  4. Action Items from previous Minutes.
    • HERDC Working Group (Angela and Andrew)
    • The HERDC Working Group has been formed and the Committee met for the first time last week.
      • Initial four models were developed which focus on commonalities and integration of repositories into HERDC workflows and processes. Further work will focus on developing these models.
      • The Committee will continue to meet fortnightly with an initial report to be circulated at the end of April and a final report delivered at the end of June.
      • A wiki page has been created for the committee which will have TOR, minutes and reports.
    • Wiki Privacy (David)
      • The ARROW wiki will now prompts user for a password to login. The wiki has also been un-Googled, e.g. no longer being indexed by Google.
    • Load Testing (David)
      • The software is currently working to expected levels. However when simultaneous users exceed 150+ (and up) problems are experienced.
      • VTLS have been advised that the problem could be Tomcat related, e.g. may be creating more sessions then it should be and server errors are being encountered as a result.
  5. Reports – Site Planning 2008.
    • ARROW interested in the support requirements for 2008 now that the focus has changed from the RQF.
    • Ballarat
      • Status - currently implementing the repository
      • 2008 activities will focus on getting the repository going
      • Creation of an open access repository
    • CQU
      • Population of the repository
      • Non-prints material
      • Open access
      • Theses
      • HERDC / 2007
      • Marketing the repository
    • Latrobe
      • Finishing work on the research outputs started for the RQF
      • Involved in the HERDC (use of VALET for staff to upload)
      • OJS – more work in this area – have one journal up
      • ADT
      • Collections (non-print)
      • XACML functionality / access federation
    • Macquarie
      • Handles and harvesting
      • Marketing the repository
      • Building (populating) the repository, RQF citations into VALET
      • Working with an academic on collection of images, video, audio files, etc
    • Monash
      • 3.1.1 Upgrade – hope to have completed in the next two weeks
      • E-theses and VALET, submission workflows
      • Gippsland Collections (photos)
      • 31,200 research records cleaned up
      • Collecting pre-prints / ASHER funds
      • HERDC
      • Datasets
    • Murdoch
      • Working on the set-up of 3.1.1 – currently on development server
      • Still relying on some technical assistance from RUBRIC
      • Ingesting ADT
      • Hope to open the repository to library staff for feedback in the next few weeks
      • HERDC collection – investigation
    • NLA
      • Independent scholars repository – for implementation in the second half of 2008 at the earliest
      • Looking at testing VITAL – though may not proceed with
    • Newcastle
      • Handles and harvesting have now been implemented
      • Publishing of completed RQF metadata records into the repository – currently in VALET
      • Pursing open access material to build the collection
      • Continuing Valet customisation (a priority)
      • Mandatory electronic submission of theses – workflows and processes for the repository
      • Investigate/establishing linkages between the research system and the repository
      • HERDC and the repository (processes)
    • Swinburne
      • Continually sourcing citations for the repository
      • Currently engaged in lots of copyright clearance
      • ADT
      • Marketing the repository / communication plan
    • New England
      • Similar activity as to LaTrobe
      • Collection mechanism for HERDC e .g. independent of repository and research system and using VALET
    • New South Wales
      • Using the RQF as a promotional opportunity
      • Projects
      • HERDC integration
      • ADT
      • Testing 3.2
    • UniSA
      • Getting more into the repository
      • Adding post-prints
      • Data clean-up
      • Marketing, e.g. new features
    • UWS
      • Live 3.2 in a few weeks
      • Theses and research collection from the RQF
      • 2001-2006 research data will be loaded and verified over the coming months
      • Looking at indexing speed issues in 3.2
      • Looking at VALET customisation
    • Sunshine Coast
      • Similar to other sites
  6. MACAR (Katie Blake)
    • Element vocabulary or application profiles for resource types as developed by MACAR. Document with the vocabulary of resource types is available on Google docs/ files. (Instructions to be circulated for accessing theses).
      • Properties for twenty different resource types
      • Mapped to DC
      • Mapping to MARCXML underway
      • MACAR would like to formalise/register these as a resource
      • ACTION: MACAR needs feedback from ARROW members on the usefulness of these documents. Angela Lang will send email to ARMG that will provide links to these documents.
  7. Research Master / ARROW Interface update
    • RM able to successfully deposit METS packages into ARROW test,e .g. handles are generated and RM able to remotely query Fedora and return requested information.
    • Waiting on instructions from RM as to where they want to go next with this
    • ARROW blog links through to the test
    • ACTION: Angela Lang will send email with links to blog.
  8. VITAL Upgrades
    • Fiona (Macquarie) asked if its was possible to jump versions of VITAL when upgrading
    • David’s advice is that you should be able to
  9. ARROW Project Manager’s Report
    • Nothing further to report
  10. Customer Service Report
    • Swinburne reported that their statistics appear to have been reset. They would like to know how they can be kept when upgrading, e.g. log files?
    • ACTION: David to raise with VTLS at their meeting
  11. Issues from Implementation Table
    • Nothing raised
  12. Other Business
    • ARROW has purchased Webex which can be used for ARROW business by ARROW members
    • Accounts have been created for Angela, David, Neil, Katie – who can assist ARROW members with setting up a Webex session when they would like to use this. Please contact Angela in the first instance.
  13. Meeting Closed 12.46pm. Next Meeting 3.3.08 (Chair ARROW : Minutes – CQU)

Minutes: Vicki Picasso (UoN)

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