Armg 3 November 2008

ARROW Repository Managers Group Meeting - Teleconference

Monday 3 November 2008


Teleconference starts 2pm prompt.

  1. Welcome. (Chair: ARROW Central, Minute Taker: Swinburne)
  2. Apologies
  3. Previous minutes:
  4. ACTION items from previous minutes
  5. ARROW Project Managers Report
    • CAIRSS update
    • Exit strategy for community members who decide to change repositories
  6. MACAR Report
  7. Customer Service Report (An opportunity for partners to verbally report to ARROW Central and the community on their experiences, 'good, bad and otherwise', with VTLS' Customer Support)
  8. Reporting of problems with Customer Service
  9. Issues arising from Implementation Table
  10. Other business.
    • Vital users wiki - status report (Simon McMillan)
    • Feedback from ARROW events (Angela Lang)
    • ERA requirements and VITAL (Fiona Burton)
  11. Next Meeting: Date: 01/12/2008 (Chair: ARROW Central. Minute taker: UNSW)


  1. Welcome. (Chair: ARROW Central, Minute Taker: Swinburne)
    • Attending: ARROW Central, Ballarat, CQU, Latrobe, Macquarie, Monash, Swinburne, USC, Newcastle, UNE, UniSA, USQ.
  2. Apologies: Murdoch, QUT, UNSW, UWS
  3. Previous minutes:
    • No matters arising
  4. ACTION items from previous minutes
    • No action items.
  5. ARROW Project Managers Report
    • CAIRSS - Service provider applications close next Monday (10th November). The successful applicant will be announced at the next CAIRSS Steering Committee meeting on the 20th November.
      • ARROW Exit Strategy - ARROW's recommendations for moving software will be out for comment soon. These will be generic (i.e. software neutral) guidelines.
      • ERA - How will VITAL meet the specifications which have just come out?
      • ND working on a briefing paper for VTLS on what is required to meet specifications and what is currently not working.
      • DG to talk to Alex Cooke (DEST) about the ARC accessibility guidelines.
      • DG to confirm what links in records are required (i.e. DOI?)
      • ERA pilot participants: Monash, Macquarie, Newcastle, Latrobe, Sunshine Coast, Ballarat
      • Authentication to restricted datastreams not working.
      • VTLS have appointed a new technical person for their Melbourne office. This person will be announced soon.
      • AH asked about licensing fees for 2009 and beyond. DG to follow up with Vinod. DG expects a 6% CPI increase for 2009.
  6. MACAR
    • KB said nothing to report.
    • DG unsure if MACAR will exist in future however ANS or CAIRSS may take on. DG will look into feasibility of continuing.
  7. Customer Service Report
    • Nothing much to report.
    • 3.4 testing is being carried out by ARROW Central. Load testing was done last week and didn't crash the system although the performance is slower than usual. This is holding up the release of 3.4.
  8. Issues arising from the Implementation Table
    • Nothing to report here.
  9. Other business.
  10. The VITAL Users wiki is now available and everyone should have edit rights
  11. Old wiki at Monash will remain but not be editable - private/members only.
  12. The new wiki is public but requires a password to edit
  13. Feedback from ARROW community events due Friday (to AL)
  14. Meeting closed: 14:55

Next minute taker: UNSW

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