Armg 16th March 2009

ARMG Meeting 16th March 2009

ARMG Teleconference minutes 16/03/2009

1. ERA
Handling Creative Works
Paula shared and discussed a spreadsheet QUT has put together based on their research and asked for feedback from the group.
MACAR not currently active and working on this item.
At this stage option to engage by contributing and commenting on this list via the elist.

FT Peer Review in Repositories
Discussion on sourcing fulltext for peer review.
Are Repository Managers sourcing 100% - or just the 20% indicated.
Many commented they are sourcing 100% as they feel the indicating of the selected 20% may come quite late in the picture from the research committees at their institutions.

2. VITAL version releases
Michael discussed version release announcements to the elist.
Repository Managers asked when 3.4 and 4.0.1 can be expected.
Query as to which version of fedora belongs to which version of vital.
Prashant was on the call and advised:
• 3.4 beta (pre-release) has been released
• 3.4 is in testing at the moment waiting for arrow to give the final nod (Neil still testing)
• Prashant will send link to download the pre-release this week
• Prashant to advise further on the final release date of 3.4
• Merging of releases 3.4 and 4.0 – 4.0.1. Sometime in the Month of May.

Query about Vital data upgrade paths? Is there a defined upgrade path for data for future releases. Prashant advised VTLS will provide this.

3. Vital Support in Australia
Prashant advised VTLS Australia is now fully functional.
He noted any Australian enquiries/jobs sent to hotline are sent back to him and he will handle them directly. While the upgrade of the IM system is in place he requested Repository Managers to email the hotline and also CC to Prashant at his VTLS account.
Prashant advised he welcomes positive and negative feedback about VTLS Australia to help enhance the service.

4. Fabulous
Query if the new version will be compatible with future fedora releases?
Prashant will advise further.
Fabulous currently only works with up to fedora 2.2.1 (up to 3.1.1 vital) and currently wont work with upgrades to 3.4.

5. CAIRSS – CAUL Australian Repository Support Service
Katy and Tim advised the new CAIRSS services starts today (16 March 2009).
• Katy Watson – Project Manager and Repository Specialist
• Tim McCallum – Technical Officer
• Luke Padgett – Copyright Officer
• Contact: ua.ude.luac|ssriac#ua.ude.luac|ssriac
• Contact: 07 5430 2823
• Coming soon: website, elist, first contact with all Australian Repository Managers

6. Upload from Research Master to Repository
Michael Wood will email topic to the elist as not all Vital clients use Research Master.
email to the group as not all vital have research master.

7. Harvesting via Google Scholar
Query on issues or knowledge on this process. Elke advised Google Scholar harvesting had previously swamped their Library Catalogue. It would be good to get an update from National Library on how to do this correctly.

8. Administrators of Vital Users Wiki
Vicki advised she is temporarily the administrator for this wiki (passed on by ARROW). Prashant will also be made an administrator.
Vicki to also make Katy an administrator through CAIRSS.

8. Another meeting?
The group would like to meet further via teleconference.
Next meeting proposed mid-April.
Katy advised this may be able to be organised via CAIRSS.

  • Note: Thankyou to Vicki Picasso from Newcastle University for organising this teleconference.
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