Approved 2008 Mini Projects Further Information And Documents

2008 - Round 3 Mini-Projects

One Mini-Project approval was completed on Wednesday 23 April 2008 following instructions from the ARROW Management Committee meeting held on 14 March 2008

University of South Australia

FABULOUS version 3.0 (Baby Fabulous)

Handover and completion 10 October 2008
Project goals
Fabulous 3 will enhance the older version by integrating the following functionalities

  • Modify object along with DataStream properties
  • Repository wide changes. Adress the limitations of Fabulous version 2.0, where it is difficult to modify the metadta or object properties for every object in the repository
  • Support for the creation of other metadata streams - repository wide
  • Web application packages as a .war file, cf. Fedora packaging

Project proposal and Project Reports can be found at

University of Southern Queensland

Son of Fedora

Handover and completion October 2008
Project goals
The goal of this project is to build a high performance, lightweight open source portal solution that can be used with any Fedora repository (given a compatible content model), or with OAI-PHM feeds with a simple ARROW-style, or Fez-style compound-document content model.
The portal solution will be an addition to the current VITAL product and address two shortcomings; that it cannot provide simple-to-configure portals or provide simple-to-configure access control.
This portal will sit separately from VITAL but will provide more limited functionality than VITAL, allowing repositories to be harvested and used for much more specific purposes. It is not intended to replace VITAL's 'portal'

Project proposal and Project Reports can be found at

University of New South Wales

Ingesting complex objects and metadata from relational databases using batch tool

Handover and completion October 2008
Project goals
To develop a package of procedures, scripts and code for the ARROW Community. This” toolset” will allow institutions to ingest metadata and complex objects into their own ARROW repository from relational databases. This project will investigate methods for establishing links between these records and research outputs in other repositories.

Project tasks

  • Construct an ARROW repository, matching fields with metadata from FileMaker Pro databases
  • Develop scripts to enable the functionality of the source database’s calculated fields to be retained after ingest for flexible building of citations
  • Investigate the procedures and code needed to migrate and ingest the data in a way that retains relationship functionality
  • Investigate and document methods to link ingested data with corresponding records in institutional repositories
  • Package scripts, code and methodology for use by ARROW repositories with other source databases software and procedures

Project proposal and Project Reports can be found at

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